>I was on the Trollpasta chat, then a sexy user comes on

>His name is Gator.

>But he prefers to be called Simba

>We make puns about his name, stuff like Simballica (Metallica), The Rolling Simba's (The Rolling Stones), and all that stuff.

>He likes it a lot.

>I make the "Simba x Timone x Pumba" ship on there.

>He jacks off at the thought of it.

>I ask him if he has a girlfriend

>He says "Yes. But I want to make love to Timone and Pumba, even though they are fake."

>At that random moment, I feel feelings towards him.


>We jack off in each other's mouth's

>He then says "Do you hear that?"

>I say "What is that?"

>"That's the grape roaring."

>We ignore it, because we are busy making Timone and Pumba babies

>After we get done orgrammsming in each other's mouth's, Gramm appears out of nowhere.

>He stabs us for using that shitty orgrammsm joke.

>Then Rapey the grape pops out of nowhere and rapes us.

>Then we all die, because rocks fall on top of us.

>Simba is love

>Simba is life

by Fatal Disease